Caesars real name is Edward Sallow (or Swallow if he is given booze) and despite what he might look like, which is a wrinkly old nutsack bitch of a man... well thats besically what he is... He made an army out of any retard he could find showing them his tiny cock and weapons shit but he was allergic to women and not being a total fag so he made them slaves and the men slaves in other ways...

Viagra and the rise... to powerEdit

Caesar was always old... when his nasty wrinkly ass came out of his moms less fucked up looking pussy the doctor cried. He lived a hard life, being half retarded he thought he was Mars a roman God but we all know Mars is a fucking PLANET! That didnt stop this lowly dingle berry as he continued to mount random children until the fellars of a pocket puss (graphic name for drug manufactering half hippy half pussy dip shit smart asses who dont really do much but complain) kicked him out. Being all pissy he found the coach he molested (Caesar molested his coach... poor guy) and took all of his sports wear then took all of his sex slaves and made them soldiers, claiming they knew how to handle his "gun", no women were made soldiers...

Fall of a douche waffleEdit

Caesar was hiding something from everyone... even his lovers Ricardo, Ricky, Eduardo, and many many more Mexicans. He was retarded... so retarded that his brain was trying to commit suicide. One day Caesar got a spontaneous period and after yelling at the courier about how dicks should be toothbrushes, took a nap, a very wet nap... The next day he asked the courier to pretend to be a doctor and make him less retarded, but as most pretend surgeries go, the courier wanted to kill the ugly fuck not fix him. The courier picked up tampons for the bleeding an axe for "careful surgical precision" and twislers... he fucking loved twislers. He ate a twisler put the tampons in Caesars nose and mouth and then carefully cut his entire head off, the legion was forever grateful and decided that they would suck the couriers cock, which he not so kindly refused by shooting those creepy fucks in the head... THE END :) 

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