General Sally D Oliver was an over priced dancer on the strip and part time general of the NCR. He.. She.. It was obsessed with taking over the Hoover Dam with a bunch of bears he found in a gay bar. They made up his entire army, aside from the power rangers, and the veteran power rangers. It is unclear if he took Hoover Dam. Probably not, his force was a bunch of hairy gay men who wanted to shoot legion soldiers with their other service rifles.

Rise to power

General Oliver had literally always been a general. Poor guy. He had a hard life, never one flaccid moment... One day he met a robot named Mr. Hoes. Mr. Hoes told him to be his personal sex slave for a cap a year. General Oliver gladly accepted his offer and did human things to a robot. It was like putting a sword through a gay man woman... Because that's literally what it was...


The second orgy on Hoover Dam was brutal. Even the power rangers had to get involved. It was sooo sticky... The courier killed everybody because children don't wanna see hairy gay guys and NFL professional hug like mommy and daddy do... Except they all had dicks... General Oliver came to "give its thanks" to the courier for killing the leggy legate lesbonuis of the legendary lazy lover legion. The courier wiped out his big 50cal anti materiel rifle and literally blew the generals face off... It was so juicy...

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