Y'know, after a bunch of nukes blow up everything and then later yer dick falls off... you see where this is goin now right - Terence to a woman with a large cock

The South would rise...Edit

Terence is the incarnation of a stereotype. He is Southern and very very illiterate... he also loved his penis very much, he even named his dog dick and he played with it ALL THE FUCKIN TIME. His son was suspended from school in general because at every parent teacher conference if they said anything bad Terence would start jerking it.

Sad end unless your not TerenceEdit

One fateful afternoon, after the chinese heard about what Terence did at Parent teacher conferences, they decided to nuke America, like everywhere. Terence saw a bomber plane ad started jerking... then a distant blast missed him everywhere but his dick, leaving him a miserable old creep forever since he no longer loved anything. The courier never met this dude but if he had I guarantee he would be more cock friendly and stop aiming low.

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